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Hi and welcome to my blog.! This is where my mumbling about my everyday life and the way I see it through my lens. Well of course through my camera lens. Feel free to browse around and don't forget to leave your comments. I do really like reading your comments about my blog and of course I will reply to it as well. Have a great time!

Thursday, December 02, 2010



Heard of Panorama in photography before..? It's a style of photography that combines two or more photos that make it looks bigger or longer.. Some enthusiast photography even combines up to 24 photos.! It's really cool, and fun, and challenging to see the results after you combined them all.. Try it..! It's really simple once you get the hang of it.. :p

This shot taken at Tanjung Lipat, Kota Kinabalu. I took 7 shots for this and using photoshop merge to combine it into panorama.. The biggest challenge for me is the differences of exposure because some part there still some sun light where other parts have gone dark. Taken using Camera 550D with 18-55 lens.

Till then.. ! Have a Blessed Day.. ;)


  1. wah, pic lebar ni gabungan dua pic? mesti susah utk combine warna yg berbeza kan.

    tapi kalau ada ultrawide lens mesti lebih mudah dgn efek yg unik jgk. ouh, sy mengidam benda tu. tapi belum mampu

  2. Sasa: Gabungan 7 gmbr ni.. ui mmg susah.. kena guna AE Lock..

  3. Wow cantiknya...Oldig yg bagus n sya suka teknik framing RCM tu


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