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Hi and welcome to my blog.! This is where my mumbling about my everyday life and the way I see it through my lens. Well of course through my camera lens. Feel free to browse around and don't forget to leave your comments. I do really like reading your comments about my blog and of course I will reply to it as well. Have a great time!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Charles & Beth Wedding

Hola.. :)

How was your day today..? I was invited to my friend wedding through Facebook. Nowadays people getting easier way to invite friends instead the old ways using invitation cards. How technologies evolved so fast..! Anyway, big congratulation to my classmate Charles on your wedding.. :) May you have a blessed journey as a husband and wife and may the Lord bless you with happy family.. :)

Two of my classmates. Charles and Charles.. :)

Charles and Beth. Two lovebirds vow to share love for each one another.

Love the face's expression.. :)

One of the guest entertained the crowd..

Mr. Tim, also my classmate, smiling while filling up the his plate.. :)

Till next upload guys.. Have a Blessed Day..!


  1. Congrats to them.. i love the black n white pic.. and the candid pics too..:) santik!

  2. StellaClaire: Hehehe sya pun suka tu dua2 gmbr heheh.. Thanks dear... :)

  3. Love candid..than planned photo sesion..Cantik semua...

  4. Beaty: Thanks for the comments.. :)


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