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Hi and welcome to my blog.! This is where my mumbling about my everyday life and the way I see it through my lens. Well of course through my camera lens. Feel free to browse around and don't forget to leave your comments. I do really like reading your comments about my blog and of course I will reply to it as well. Have a great time!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Another Work..!

Hi peeps..!

Last month saya sedikit sibuk, but then there's one work that really bikin sakit jantung.. Its the "Pemimpin Bersama Rakyat" stuffs. Problem is that, saya hanya kena inform 3 days before the actual event. So apa lagi mau kelam kabut juga mau kasi siap semua.. Nasib baik everything is ok..! Thank God..! Punya main sengsara mau plan sana sini minta tolong sana sini.. Sudahlah tu bos cakap "I don't know anything. If there's a problem, you guys will answer for it." Apa punya bos..! But anyway since semua ok, then no need to worry about it la. :)

Since this is a very important event, then I wouldn't  let this opportunity to capture some great photos go.. :) Mesti mau ambil gambar, kalau tidak nanti menyesal seumur hidup o... Hehehehe.. :) Alright..! Here some of the photos that I managed to captured.. :)

That's for now..! Till then... :) Have a Blessed Day..


  1. Susah nya dapat boss who likes to say 'kalu ada apa2, you answer it yourself'. Hisss...

    Anyway, as long you love your job, biar lah boss mcm tu. (^^)

    ...lama saja sa 'bertugas' with Kesihatan but I never meet Datuk Rosmah. ;p

    1. Hahahah.. Nasib sya la terdapat bos mcm gini.. klu kena puji terus kambang2 hidung, tp klu kena ckp x bagus terus blame org lain... Haizzz..

  2. Replies
    1. Yup nasib dpt ambil gmbr juga.. ni pun berebut2 dgn tu press punya photographer.. Last2 mcm sya pun jd press photographer jg.. padahal ni program sya yg handle.. Lari dr tugas sdh heheheh...

  3. Mantap ko Richard! Yeahhh... Kalau sya, mesti pening sudah... Hehehe...


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