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Hi and welcome to my blog.! This is where my mumbling about my everyday life and the way I see it through my lens. Well of course through my camera lens. Feel free to browse around and don't forget to leave your comments. I do really like reading your comments about my blog and of course I will reply to it as well. Have a great time!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It Finally Here..!

Finally the wait is over.! All the hard work have been paid for. Just can't wait to send it to my client. They definitely too excited to see this. :p The editing took some time to finish plus with 100 pics that need to be edited.! 

Here a quick snap to this wonderful photobook.. More on this couple from this photobook, you ca see it at my other blog HERE.


  1. Hello Mr Richard..
    That's a very nice book.
    How long does it takes to produce?

    1. Hello Mr. Syam..!

      Lepas submit took only 1 week gitu la..

  2. wow bro. photobook ni nmpk lain. jenis lembut. bleh sharing ka ni tmpt bikin ni?


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