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Hi and welcome to my blog.! This is where my mumbling about my everyday life and the way I see it through my lens. Well of course through my camera lens. Feel free to browse around and don't forget to leave your comments. I do really like reading your comments about my blog and of course I will reply to it as well. Have a great time!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Look In The Sky..!

One fine day outside my window, I saw this cloud (I thought it was cloud at first, seriously try to look at the picture) and wondering why on a bright sunny day there's a black little cloud in the middle of it? And I thought maybe its going to rain maybe in the afternoon. Then I saw on my FB,a person posted, saying there's a fire accident near Kolombong earlier in the morning. Then I realized that the "cloud" was actually a smoke coming from that incident.

This Panorama shows the smoke coming from the right side behind the hill. Hope there's no casualties.


  1. ada kebakaran kan.. nice pic la..:)
    panorama kan..

    1. Ya this is Panorama Style. Ada kebakaran awal pagi di kilang d kolombong masa tu.. Awal2 ingat mau hujan sbb ada "awan gelap".. Tau2 tu "awan gelap" tu asap pula..


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